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Tailored Online Bondholder Identification for Advisors for Specific Bond Issues in Default or Chapter 11


Bluelake allows restructuring advisors from financial and legal firms a new way to communicate and organize bondholders in default or bankruptcy. We allow for direct communication with the ultimate bondholder to pair potential advisors with bondholders to fit their needs in a default situation.

The current process for bondholder identification is fragmented and arbitrary to say the least. The process of finding bondholders is often attempted through the trustee who can provide them with a list of bondholders. This process, however is problematic and most quickly find this list is not very enlightening due to the way in which the clearing systems operate and hold bonds though the trustees or cleaning houses. Custodial/sub-custodial relationships and foreign ownership further complicate finding the ultimate bondholder.

It is a puzzle that generally lends itself to many bondholders and advisors being left out the restructuring process. Bluelake provides advisors online tools to organize investors of similar criteria, interests and profiles for specific bond classes which would otherwise not be available in the “traditional” process.

We assist through our online process in identifying and verifying bondholders based on specific criteria specified by the client. Our mission is to match bondholders with advisors to advance a common goal in a distressed situation through the use of our online platform.


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