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Bondholder Organization

Our Service

Our service is risk free and at no cost to the bondholder. Interest in organizing with other bondholders does not commit the bondholder to any specified process or obligation. It only expands options available to the bondholder in the event of a restructuring and loss of coupon payment/principal.

We simply ask you to register your interest in joining other bondholders to gain leverage in generating a favorable outcome.

We register interest in all high yield corporate debt issues, both domestic and international. However, a majority of bondholers will either not meet the criteria to be followed up for further organization/advisement. This can be due to a host of factors, but not limited to its stage in the default/legal process, critical mass of debt holders not achieved, debt concentrated with a few investors, or limited interested from the distressed investment/legal community.

Bluelake seeks partners from the distressed investment and legal community to further the bondholder group’s goals. We advise and analyze each situation for the investor, but we do not make direct investments or tender any debt directly. Our goals is to benefit and empower the bondholder in a distressed situation.


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